Joining as Host with Zak Token

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Meeting Web SDK 3.1.2

We recently updated Zoom Web SDK from 2.10.0 to 3.1.2. Ever since we are not able to connect to meetings as host with ZAK tokens.

Following scenarios works,

  1. Joining as Participant with SDK JWT token
  2. Joining as Host with the same email address as the SDK App owner email address.

Following case doesn’t work and it gives the Fail to join the meeting error message,
1.Joining as Host with the email address that is different than the SDK App owner email address.

Our application integration with Zoom Web Meeting SDK was live for last 18 months and we have been upgrading Zoom Web SDK on a regular basis and never had this issue.

Fail to join the meeting

@saravana did starting a meeting

  • as a host
  • with ZAK token
  • as an external user

used to work in 2.10.0?


It used to work in 2.10, but not now though. We tried to downgrade it and it is still not working. As per Zoom’s SDK policy, minimum SDK version supported from Feb 4, 2024 is 2.12.0. We upgraded the Zoom Web SDK around that time and started seeing issues around the same time.

Below are the scenarions that we have tested,

Scenario Status
Join as Participant Working
Join as Participant with ZAK Token Working
Join as Host with ZAK Token for the account admin Woking
Join as Host with ZAK Token for external user Not Working

The last one is not working

@saravana ,

Is the meeting you’re trying to join hosted by a user within your account or outside your account? Zoom has a policy that prevents joining external meetings unless your Marketplace App is listed in the Marketplace.