Join New Meeting SDK in Android


We are using the Meeting SDK in an Android App.
We have created a new Meeting SDK because the old one will become obsolete on September.

In the old Meeting SDK we could see the fields SDK Key & SDK Secret. In the new one these fields doesn’t appear. There are ClientId & Client Secret instead. We have tried these ones but it doesn’t initialize.

Which ones we have to use? Where we can find them ?

The code to Init & Join we use is the following:

fun ZoomSDK.initZoom(context: Context, listener: ZoomSDKInitializeListener) {
if (!this.isInitialized) {
try {
this.initialize(context, listener, ZoomSDKInitParams().apply {
appKey =
“XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” // TODO: Retrieve your SDK key and enter it here
appSecret =
“XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” // TODO: Retrieve your SDK secret and enter it here
domain = “
enableLog = true // Optional: enable logging for debugging
}catch (e: Exception) {
listener.onZoomSDKInitializeResult(-1, 0)
} else {
listener.onZoomSDKInitializeResult(0, 0)

val params = JoinMeetingParams().apply {
displayName = sharedPrefs.getUsername()
meetingNo = meeting.zoomId.toString()
password = meeting.zoomPassword

val options = JoinMeetingOptions().apply {
no_titlebar = true
no_unmute_confirm_dialog = true
no_webinar_register_dialog = true
no_chat_msg_toast = true
no_bottom_toolbar = true
meeting_views_options = 1


@efren ,

in the newer SDK, we no longer directly accept SDK Key and SDK Secret for authentication.

You will need to sign a JWT Token using the (SDK Key + SDK Secret) or (Client ID + Client Secret) to authenticate your Android Meeting SDK.

Hi @chunsiong.zoom ,

Thanks for you answer. We have another question.
If we update the current Meeting SDK, Could we continue using the same Android Code ?


@efren , if you update this application in the screenshot, it just update the method of accessing REST token from JWT App Type to OAuth App Type.

In the newer version of Meeting SDK for Android, we have removed the authentication method which directly uses the SDK Key and SDK Secret. The only way to authenticate is to use JWT Token signed with (SDK Key + SDK Secret) or (Client ID + Client Secret)

Therefore, the answer is no. You’ll not be able to use your old code, even if you update the Meeting SDK app Type.

@chunsiong.zoom I undestand. Thank you for your answer.

We’re planning inmediatly the implementation of the needed changes.
If we’re not able to deploy the changes before September 1st, Will the meetings functionality stop working?
Is there the posibility to extend the compatibility period for some weeks ?



It depends on the version of Meeting SDK (android) which you are using right now.
What is the version which you are currently using?

I’ve read my previous response, and it seems to be pretty confusing.

Here’s a summary, hope it helps you understand the changes better.

1st September deadline only affects JWT App Type, and here are some scenarios which are supported by JWT App type

  • Accessing REST API using JWT App Type credentials
  • Meeting SDK on Web using JWT App Type credentials
  • Access REST API using JWT Credentials found on older version of Meeting SDK App Type

Here are some additional pointers

  • you do not need to create a new Meeting SDK app type, just upgrade your existing Meeting SDK App Type. This should not break anything in production. It will upgrade the JWT credentials for Rest API to OAuth credentials for Rest API.
  • you can still use the SDK Key and SDK Secret from your old Meeting SDK App Type. The only difference is that newer version of Android SDK does not allow you to directly input SDK Key and SDK Secret to authenticate. You need to create an additional method / function to sign a JWT Token with SDK Key and SDK Secret to authenticate.
  • there is some changes in your old code needed, but not all parts of the code needs to be changed. only the part where the SDK authenticates. you need to change it from SDK Key+SDK Secret to JWT token.