Get Join_Url with Registration Token from API Call "Add a meeting registrant"

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
Zoom Meeting API - Add A Meeting Registrant

Here is the use case:
1- Registrant purchase a ticket to attend Zoom Meeting on client’s website, giving their contact details (First Name, Last Name, Email)
2- Background script call Add Meeting Registrant and return Join_URL, which is then sent by email

When we use the API registration, Join_URL is returned without registration token (which is handy to automatically authenticate User).
=> Format Parameter Join_URL = Join Meeting - Zoom{meeting Id}?pwd={pwd}

When registrant registers through Zoom webpage, Join_URL is returned with registration token.
=> Format Parameter Join_URL ={meeting Id}?tk={registration_token}&pwd={pwd}

Zoom Support confirms this is normal behaviour. However, I would like to know:
1- Is it possible to retrieve a Join_URL with registration token from API call?
2- If not, is there an API to get registration token from registrant and 're-create" the Join URL?
3- If not, can we pass some parameters like uname and uemail, to the Join_URL?

Thank you for your help. Kind regards,

Hi @lison

If you call the then you should be able to get the meeting join link for the registrant.

Hope this helps.