Join webinar as panelis: ERROR: Not Allow to start webinar 3609

I configured a webinar with panelists.
Panelist name: Mario Vicidomini
Panelist email:

I generate the signature with role 1, is that correct?
I set userName and userEmail, but I get error 3609: not allow to start webinar.

Host end attendees are correctly inside the meeting .

What does this error depend on? I use version 1.8 as SDK


we are waiting … there are no solutions?

Hi @angelo.galietta,

Happy to help debug! First, you’re correct in that you should be using role 1 to start a webinar via the Web SDK.

Can you confirm that the user you’re testing with is on the same account as your API Key? Your Web SDK app will only be able to host meetings for users on your account. Let me know if that’s not the case!


Hi Will, thanks for your answer.

I have created a webinar,

  • Host is the owner of the zoom account, with active license and webinars. The host accesses the SDK with role 1, and correctly starts the webinar.

  • Attendees are not configured on the zoom platform and participate in the webinar with role 0.

  • Panelist: I configure them in the webinar: e.s. (NO Zoom user). When I try to access the webinar from SDK with role 1 and userEmail: “”, I get the error: “Not allow to start webinar”. If I access through the link generated by the configuration there are no problems.
    The Webinar is already started, and the host user is already inside the webinar.