Joining meeting timeout ... Signature is invalid

I am using the CDM sample form GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-web-sample: Zoom Meeting SDK Web Sample App and I am getting the “Joining meeting timeout - Signature is invalid” error everytime I attempt to join. I am using the meeting ID from my professional Zoom account. I have an JWT app account with the appropriate key and secret. What am I missing?

Hi @juangilbert ,

Can you make sure that you are following the guidelines mentioned here: ?

If you continue to get the error, I would decode the signature. The output values should match the following:

  "appKey": SDK_KEY,
  "sdkKey": SDK_KEY,
  "role": ROLE,
  "iat": 1646937553,
  "exp": 1646944753,
  "tokenExp": 1646944753