Joining meeting timeout. Your connection has timed out and you cannot join the meeting. Verify your network connectivity and try again

ATTN: @tommy

We are receiving a connectivity error when attempting to start a meeting using v1.7.4 of the Web SDK, and I don’t see any indication of a problem on Zoom’s status page.

There are no developer console errors logged

Which version?


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Can you try to click retry and see if you’re able to join the meeting? Also, can you provide the meeting ID?


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We are having the same issue. Upgraded from 7.2 to 7.4

@Michael_Purnell clicking retry does the same thing. The meeting ID is different each time as we are trying to create the meeting on demand. Is that essential for you to help resolve the issue (I need to set up my environment to capture that).

Hey @brian1, @rsatyan,

Are you still seeing this issue? Do you have the waiting room feature enabled?


@tommy it looks like this has been resolved after updating to the 1.7.5 web sdk

@brian1 Glad that it’s working now, let us know if you need anything else.

@Michael_Purnell @tommy we are running into this same issue again this morning, we’re still on the latest SDK version 1.7.5


Can you send the below information to We’ll take a look at your account to see if we can resolve this asap.

Account Number
API Key/Secret
Marketplace email
Meeting Number

Account Number: 601033
API Key/Secret: (the app is called Cue Connect, assuming you can find it there)
Marketplace email: (this is the account email, not sure if that’s different))
Meeting Number: (we’re creating a new meeting each time)

Hey @brian1,

Please send your info shared above to so we can assist.