JTW app - "Invalid access token." error on API calls

Hello, same issue here, my account number is 125545501. Thanks

same issue @Tommy. 51566797

nvm. seems to be working now :slight_smile:

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Hey @bobby,

Happy to hear you got it working! :slight_smile:


Hey @srimathys2001, @kartheek.nagasuri, @soocheesy,

This issue has already been resolved. Please post a new topic with details about your issue / error, the API you are calling, and steps to reproduce.

You can also try regenerating your JWT Secret.


Have the same issue

Account: 129824456

Having the same issue using the wordpress plugin…
Account: 57567266

I was reading the message wrong…

After you enter your keys. Do save changes before doing “Check API Connection”.

I was reading it as “Do not save changes…”
After first saving changes, then Check API I am receiving: API connection is good. Please refreh

Hi @keith.ong there are many reasons why your access token could be invalid. I would suggest opening a new post with details on your request, JWT generation, and response.