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A necessity to have list of JWT claims

Which Mobile Video SDK version?
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Additional context
looks like there are some differences in JWT claims for the different platforms (for ex, web, android etc.)
For ex,
“app_key”: “xxx”,
“iat”: 1632252902,
“exp”: 1632260102,
“tpc”: “Cool Cars”

“app_key”: “xxx”,
“version”: 1,
“iat”: 1632236506,
“exp”: 1632250906,
“user_identity”: “user_wind”,
“tpc”: “ykses”

Looks like that there are some optional claims. i am considering a single service to generate JWTs for the different platforms.
Would it be possible to have list of mandatory and optional claims?

Thank you in advance

Hi @yevgeniyk,

For the native platforms, the JWT structure defined here is correct. It seems that the Web Video SDK does have a different structure, so if you have any additional questions about that I would recommend posting over in #web-video-sdk. :slightly_smiling_face:


@jon.zoom ,
thank you for a quick reply.
i hope that both platforms can talk to each other. My guess is that the same token should be used for any platform, is my assumption correct?
or do i need to create different tokens based on a platform?

Thank you

Hi @yevgeniyk,

I can confirm that the native platforms all should use the same format. Since web sometimes uses services specific to the web platform, it would definitely be worth posting over in #web-video-sdk for the most up-to-date information.


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