Kaltura Integration

re https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/207808273-Setting-Up-Kaltura-Integration

Hi Guys,

When Zoom uploads to Kaltura it sets the userid of the original video uploader to the Kaltura admin user ID and sets a tag with the uploaders ID so the video can be shared with the original uploader. The tag is set to the original uploaders email address. Is there a way to set the tag dynamically to the user shortname for example xyz instead of xyz@gmail.com OR set the Kaltura creator to xyz? I need this alteration for a Blackbaord/ Kaltura integration.


Hi Howard, 

   no - the tag cannot be altered. 



You may need to match your SSO config to get the short name. We ran into a similar issue integrating with D2L.

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