Langage switch button for Interpreters

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When logged as interpreter, the interpreter does not have the option to listen to interpretation on his channel or the other channels. Once you are assigned as interpreter, you no longer have that “switch language” option. i can imagine that Zoom thinks that interpreters only need to listen to the floor, which is a mistake.
The interpreter needs to listen to other channels for relay (floor language is not one his language at some point, so he needs to listen to another channel), and he also needs to his colleague for handover

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A very simple enhancement can greatly enhance the interpreter experience on Zoom. When you join as a participant, you have this button with a globe sign (with the label Interpretation") you click on to choose the channel you are listening to.
f they just leave that button for interpreters to use, it will greatly enhance the interpreters experience, and i am sure it is not a lot of work for them.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Another solution would be to design a whole different interface for interpreters (with Incoming and outgoing languages) but this would certainly require major developments.