Latency when using web browser client

Is there any reason why we should see increased latency on audio when accessing a meeting from a browser and not the windows desktop client?

Hi, @thewelshbeuller,

Thank you for using Zoom Developer Forum – I am happy to help. Can you share more details regarding the described latency issue ? In the meantime, here are some recommendation to help improve the reported end-user experience :

More details are on the SharedArray Buffer are offered in our Announcements page linked below:

Further, you can learn more about the recommendations by reading the Learn more links. To make it easier, I’ve linked all of the learn more links below:

Please let me know if this helps.



Can you tell me how we sign up for Zoom Apps? Does Zoom Apps allow inserting audio back into a meeting?

Hi @thewelshbeuller,

Zoom Apps have not yet been released for developer availability—please see my post here: