Poor Audio Quality via Zoom Web SDK

Is there a limitation on audio quality which is tied to the 360p video limitation? I setup a new Zoom JWT app on my client’s paid account. I’m using it in their new web app to launch Zoom meetings from the client.

They are reporting poor audio quality. They say when they join a meeting from the Zoom client in the web app they hear a " hissing or static sound in the background" and it’s difficult to hear the host. But when they switch to the regular Zoom App it is fine.

No error message, just poor audio quality.

Which Web Client SDK version?
@zoomus/websdk - v1.9.1

Device (please complete the following information):
I’m not quite certain yet but will be able to get this info shortly.

Hey @jinsley8,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. There shouldn’t be an audio limitation. For the participants encountering this issue, please do provide the OS and browser they are using along with the versions - if possible.

Is it all the same or different browsers and platforms?

If you’re able to upgrade to the latest version (1.9.5) I would test with that to see if it resolves your issues.


@MaxM Thank you, I will try upgrading first and testing more.

Hey @jinsley8,

Sounds great, let us know if you encounter any further issues or questions.

Since we last spoke, we released version 1.9.6 so if you’re not too far in the process you can test with that.


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