Latest Windows SDK release causes Windows Defender to pop up a Windows Security Alert dialog

I just migrated to the latest Zoom Windows SDK release (Dec 2019 v4.4.57220.1211). My app was previously using v4.3.47204.0325 from April 2019. My app fires up quite a bit of communications as it initializes and it has never triggered a Windows Defender alert dialog. Now, with the latest SDK, calling ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::InitSDK(initParam) causes a “Windows Security Alert” from Windows Defender that says “Windows Defender Firewall has blocked some features of [application name] on all public and private networks.” There is an “Allow access” button and “Cancel”.

I have isolated the behavior to the Zoom InitSDK call. Also, if I revert to the older SDK, there is no alert. I built a test Windows app that does nothing but initialize the SDK. The new version causes an alert and the old version does not.

Any ideas?

Well, it’s a normal behavior of SDK. Take it easy.

It is caused that we re-organized some internal logic of SDK. SDK will try some network checking once it is initialzied now. Whether the warning dialog will pop up bases on the Windows firewall policy you set on your machine.