Launch Zoom example project from Android Studio failed


I tried to run the Zoom example project in Android Studio on a Samsung tablet (Samsung SM-T530NU Android 5.0.2, API 21) and it gives the following error:

11-22 17:07:54.338 22803-22803/? E/Launcher.Model: onPackageAdded :us.zoom.sdkexample

11-22 17:07:55.898 228-558/? E/Vold: Failed to find mounted volume for /storage/extSdCard/Android/data/us.zoom.sdkexample/files/

11-22 17:07:57.108 22803-22803/? E/Launcher.Model: onPackageRemoved :us.zoom.sdkexample
11-22 17:07:58.128 32146-32146/? E/SPPClientService: [PackageInfoChangeReceiver] [handlePkgRemovedEvent] PackageName : us.zoom.sdkexample, false, true

The initialization is successful but the app is quit and the package is removed after the error.

I don’t even have an external sd card installed in the tablet and the free internal storage is 5.56G. 

Does Zoom example require using an external SD card for storage or am I missing something else?

Thanks for your help!



Hi Tao,

Could this issue be reproduced on other android devices, or only occurs on this Samsung tablet?