Licensed user meeting participant capacity on Business plan account


While reading through the Zoom docs, I found that free users on a paid account have the participants capacity equal to the default participants capacity supported by the account plan. So, we were looking for some answers as we ran into some confusion:

  1. If the account plan we’re on is a Business plan, any free/un-licensed user would have a default participant capacity of 300 for meetings they create, and these meetings would be of max 40 minutes time, correct?

  2. If we created new Licensed users under the same Business plan account, would these licensed users also get 300 total participants capacity for their created meeting? In the documentation it says that licensed users start with a default capacity of 100, but would it be 100 for any paid account (Pro/Business) under which the user is created/invited?

  3. If the default cap for all licensed users under any paid account is indeed 100, would we have to buy a “Large meeting” addon (tuned to 300 participants capacity) for every licensed user on our paid account? Or will buying the addon only once work for all licensed users?

Looking forward to hearing from you guys soon. Thanks!


  1. Yes
  2. Yes, licensed users under a Business Account gets 300 capacity. Apologies, our docs here a little confusing there, I believe those docs are associating a “paid account” as “pro account” which is why there is the 100 capacity listed.
  3. If you have a Business Account with a licensed user, you get 300 capacity.

Pro Account Basic User:

  • time limit: 40 min
  • capacity: 100

Business Account Basic User:

  • time limit: 40 min
  • capacity: 300
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@brandon.abajelo thanks for the clarification!