Limit to number of records returned when requesting Account Recording Metadata?

For the following API Command:

I seen to be running into a limit with the number of records returned when pulling account recording metadata and wanted to verify if there was a limit. I have the page size set to the max of 300, and I use the next_page_token to call the next page of records, but every time I try to retrieve past 10K records (from a 1 month window) the results come back empty (in around a 2 min window from the first command to the last command sent with the next_page_token.)

There are almost 13K records for this request, and the following is the log from my code:

Log: Reading Cloud Recording metadata for MM-YYYY: (9900)
Sending HTTP REST Request, Body:None

Received HTTP REST Request {‘from’: ‘YYYY-MM-DD’, ‘to’: ‘YYYY-MM-DD’, ‘page_size’: 0, ‘total_records’: 0, ‘next_page_token’: ‘’, ‘meetings’: }

The alternative for me is to cut back on the number of days I am looking at to 15 days vs a full month, but I just wanted to see if the limit should exist or not. I can run the command successfully if there are under 10K in records being returned.

BTW: In the response schema of the API command, the documentation is missing that the command returns a “total_records” key.

Hi @mkumar05 ,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and great question.

I’m looking into this potential limitation for you, and will get back to you as soon as I have confirmation (ZOOM-241834).

Regarding the documentation, thanks for pointing out that the schema on this endpoint appears to be missing the total_records field. We will look at fixing this! cc @shrijana.g


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Hi @mkumar05,

I’ve confirmed with our engineering team that there shouldn’t be a limit. However, if you have 13k recordings, it should only require 44 pages, if the page_size parameter is set to 300. You should not be needing to set the next_page_token value to 99999999.

Let me know if this helps to clarify—thanks,

I’m not sure what you are saying about the next_page_token, the next page token was just an example I provided, blanking out the actual next_page_token value. I was saying by the time I reached 10K the next pull of 300 records would return no result. I was able to see this happen multiple times, but it is possible I need to review my code further. I was able to resolve the issue with a work around by making sure I collected under 9,999 records in one pass and adjusting the date to grab the remainder of records.

Hi @mkumar05,

Thank you for clarifying the issue you were seeing, and I’m glad you found a workaround. In order to take a closer look at the issue you were seeing when attempting to page through results beyond 10,000 records (when you’re seeing the empty response), can you share the exact request URL that you used, including all param values?


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