Zoom App requests passcode even with hashed password in link


Our marketplace App creates Zoom-Meetings and stores the join url. We send the URL to attendees, and lately we started receiving more and more complaints that the attendees need to enter the passcode. The problem is: we only send the join url with the hashed passcode. Attendees therefore are not able to join the meeting.

Passcode is requested although the join url contains the hashcode

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Published OAuth App

How To Reproduce (If applicable)

We cannot reproduce. The join urls are correct, but the passcode is (not always) requested.

Hey @pgtaboada,

Can you share an example of a Meeting ID or screenshot where an attendee was required to enter a passcode? I’m happy to look into it for you if there’s an example I can take a look at.


Unfortunately not - it does not happen every time. I witnessed it just once, but we have several complaints in our ticket system. We had the suspicion, that it happened when the attendee tried to join before the host, but that is not the case (anymore?).

Is there any (new?) setting that could trigger such behaviour?

Hey @pgtaboada,

Can you ensure that your requests and account/user settings are such that the password is provided in the API Create Meeting response? You can find a breakdown of this here:


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