List a set of recorded classes In moodle, using tracking fields

I want to show in my moodle, a list of recorded classes. I think, this list should be based on API’s and a custom field or tracking field (in the web UI = Schedule Tracking Fields).

In example, I have a course with 4 groups (Entry1, Entry2, Advanced1, Advanced2). So once I schedule a zoom, I can say which group (Entry1 for this example) that class is for, based on the tracking field. Also, once it is recorded, I would like to get the list of those recorded classes just for Group Entry1 (via API in moodle).

Is this possible ??, What should I do ???, How I can do it ??
If not, what suggestions you can give me ??

Thank you so much!!!

Hey @javierangelesmar,

You can create meetings with the API with tracking fields:

Let me know if you have additional questions!