List all ended webinars

Currently there is API “Get Ended Webinar UUID” to retrieve Ended webinar. However, this API requires Webinar ID to be passed in. 

Is there a way to retrieve a list of ALL ended webinars? Optional parameter should be by start dates.


Thanks. will get you live (currently in progress) and past webinars

Thanks Joshua for the prompt feedback!
 - I think you meant , in which i gave a try - and noticed an abnormal behavior where pagination failed for this endpoint. 

Abnormal Behavior

I’ve 5 ended Webinars. By specifying the optional param ‘page_size’ = 2, expected that each call to ‘#get-webinar-list’ should only return 2 ended webinars. (As this is how it works in other endpoints such as ). 

However, in actual behavior, the same 5 ended webinars are still returned regardless of page_number / page_size


In page_number 1

In page_number 2


This looks abnormal to me, can you kindly help confirm? Thanks a bunch.



Hi Fong,


I filed a bug for this issue

What is the equivalent of Get Ended Webinar UUID for v2 for accounts that don’t have Dashboard enabled?