List all events isn't returning correct events

When calling the API to get all events, I only ever get 1 event back and it doesn’t appear to be an event that I created. I am using the server to server OAuth app.

The API I’m calling

The response JSON

“total_records”: 1,
“events”: [
“name”: “Zoom Events: Monthly Release Discussion & Q&A”,
“description”: “Register one time and come back for EVERY scheduled discussion to learn all the latest news about Zoom Events and Sessions!”,
“timezone”: “America/Chicago”,
“contact_email”: “”,
“calendar”: [
“start_time”: “2023-08-24T20:00:00Z”,
“end_time”: “2023-08-24T21:00:00Z”
“status”: “PUBLISHED”,
“event_id”: “zhJDaZIQQUO5_ymF743Flw”,
“start_time”: “2023-08-30T18:00:00Z”,
“end_time”: “2023-12-30T20:00:00Z”,
“contact_name”: “”

When logging into I have multiple events and this event is not listed. I can query my events directly by Id with /zoom_events/events/{eventId} endpint. Getting a list of all my events doesn’t seem to give me my events rather this random zoom event.

Hi @trainingBcc
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
are you still experiencing this issue where you only get one event when calling the zoom_events/events endpoint? or were you able to troubleshoot this on your end?

I was just testing this API, and I also get no events with role_type: host . How do we tell it which user to get zoom events for, e.g., the hub owner? I didn’t see a parameter like userId

Would it make more sense to list events by hub id?

You can only list events that belong to users under your same account @ian.goh

If I can list their hub, should that mean I can see their events?

sorry for the late reply here @ian.goh
What do you mean by hubs? how do you get this data?

In Zoom Events, there’s a hub.

A Zoom Events hub is a collection of upcoming, current, and past events that are created by a group of hosts. Hubs are ideal to separate events related to a specific subject. As a Zoom Events license holder, you can create hubs.

The host of the hub can then have one or more events under that hub.

/zoom_events/hubs - gets me the list of hubs in my account

@elisa.zoom any update on this issue?