Zoom events api requests returning event not found error, when other endpoints work

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
Get event (/zoom_events/events/{eventId})
List events (/zoom_events/events)

Requests to get_event endpoint returns "Code 2002: event not found " error, while for the same eventId, the get_sessions endpoint returns the correct response with all the sessions and details.

"Code 2002: event not found " error when response from other endpoint suggests that the event does indeed exist, and the eventId is correct. Have tested with multiple eventIds.

Also, List events endpoint returns empty response with 200 status code.

How To Reproduce

  • python (requests)
  • Server-to-server OAuth app (have double checked the scopes, they are correct)
  • Same issues for single or recurring session events

Hi @ljens ,

Can you please share screen shots (with sensitive data obscured)?

Hi Gianni,

Thanks for the response! I get an error trying to upload images, so here are the details:

get_events returns successful but empty response
…zoom_events/events →
“total_records”: 0,

get_event_info returning “Code 2002: event not found” error for eventId provided
…zoom_events/events/NDh9wzMCSTqLMA7JNgidZg →
“code”: 2002,
“message”: “Event not found.”

get_event_sessions returning the expected result for the same eventId
…zoom_events/events/NDh9wzMCSTqLMA7JNgidZg/sessions →
“total_records”: 1,
“sessions”: [
“name”: “Returning to work after maternity leave”,


Each response was generate with postman using the same bearer token, which was originated from the same server-to-server OAuth app.

Here is the list of Zoom Events scopes I have added to the OAuth app, which afaik are correct?

Many thanks, L

Hi @ljens ,

What were the query parameters used for this request? See docs here: Zoom Events API

Sessions are a subset of Zoom Events so that may be the reason for the bizarre API behavior: Comparing the functionality of Zoom Events types - Zoom Support

Nonetheless, I believe it should’ve still populated via the first endpoint given there are no query parameters, hmm.

Hi Gianni,

I did not use query params in the results above so as to use the defaults. But I have played around with query params options on both the endpoints that are returning unexpected results, and it made no difference.

The events I am trying to pull are a combination of single session and recurring sessions, not sure if that makes any difference. The sessions endpoint works as expected for both types.

Could this be an account specific thing? Any ideas how I can find a solution? Its quite critical as our events team needs detailed analytics on event engagement from the combination of Zoom and other datasources, so we can’t rely on the built in analytics.

I have also tried the meetings API, which generally works as expected, except that for recurring session events I do not get registration reports (from the meetings API). I would switch to using the meetings API but registration analytics is crucial to our events team.

Any further assistance on this would be very much appreciated!

Thanks, L

Hi Gianni,

One other thing. The server-to-server OAuth app I am using has not been “added” to the accounts running the events. It is associated only with my developer account. Seems to work in general, but could this have something to do with it?

Thanks, L

Hi @ljens , with the admin scope it should not matter. Since you were able to add that permission, I’m assuming you’re an admin or developer.

I ask about the query parameters because for GET /zoom_events/events , you need to pass these:

It seems like you are looking for events that you are neither a host nor attendee. Could you please confirm your relationship to the account and these events/sessions?

It could be, and I am not as familiar with the query logic here so this information will help with investigating. We’ll try to get you to a solution soon :slight_smile:

Hi Gianni,

Yes my account has the developer role, and I have support from our account administrator for setting scopes etc.

And you are correct, I am trying to get details of events that I am neither the host nor attendee. I have played around with all combinations of the query parameters you screenshotted above and I still get nothing from the api call.


Hi @ljens ,

Please share the event id(s), developer email associated with the app, and client id used to create your access token in my private chat to you. I will open an inquiry with our support team on your behalf.

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Reached out to service engineering about expected behavior since events can be found via Meetings API endpoints, but not Zoom Events endpoints (ZSEE-114938).

Hi @ljens , can you please share a recording of how to reproduce this issue in our private message thread? Our service engineers are testing and not able to reproduce.

Hi @ljens , do you still need help with this? We need a recording to inquire further.


Hi Gianni

We have found the cause of the issue actually. One of my colleagues who manages the events accounts was speaking with your support colleagues on a related issue, and was able to get a solution to this problem. Turns out that my developer account needed to be added as a host to the events hubs that we want to pull the data from. Doing so has fixed the problem!

It is a little annoying though, since now I get all kinds of emails and updates about the events running across each of the 3 events hubs we have. I would say not the best solution, and it would make more sense if the developer account could just access this data without the need to be a hub host.

Regardless, thanks a bunch for all your help!

Warm regards,

Hi @ljens ,

Ah okay so it was this!

I agree. Your suggestion would be behavior consistent with other API endpoints like for our Meetings and Webinars API. I will share this feedback with our API development team.

Thank you!

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