Differences between report meeting participants and past_meetings participants

Just wanted to ask if there’s some logical difference between
these two enpoints.

I found this topic, which says that there’s only a rate limit and scope difference.

I can see that model returned in both endpoints is just the same.
Currently, we’re using report endpoint for fetching ended meeting participants for further processing, and wanted to check if we can safely replace report resource with past_meetings without any issues or possible data loss.

Is the data returned from these endpoints are the same?

Hi @vbohdanets
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
The responses from both endpoints do have some slight differences so the decision on which one to use, it is totally up to you.
The thing with the report endpoint is that you can use the query parameter “include_fields” when getting a report and not with the past_meeting participant endpoint

So it depends on what you are looking for :slight_smile: