Pricing of Zoom API integration?

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I have successfully integrated Zoom SDK but the default UI is not as per my requirements therefore I need to change the UI. I have gone through the Custom UI documentation but I didn’t get anything so I need to know how to change the UI, If any staff member is available to help me it will be great help from your side. I am looking forward for your response.

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Please create a new post in our Client Web SDK topic (#client-web-sdk ), and we will be happy to help!


Hi, @will.zoom If I use my account to create a new user I am automatically creating a new account? I mean, I am using a new license? What happens if a create new users in a free account?

Hi @gurumatch,

Good question—to clarify, if you create a user under your account, you will designate them as licensed or not licensed upon creation. You can create users under your account who are not licensed. If you’re creating them via our Create User API, you will designate their licensed status using this field:

Let me know if this helps to clarify!


I have a query…I have a teacher app where there are more than 1000 teacher and I want to create a marketplace through my application(web and android) where student can connect with any teachers and can have 1-1 or group call. And I want to promote my application without mentioning zoom (don’t want to have zoom verification) but we will do teacher verification of our own.

My question is :
it may happen that only 50-60 teacher will have meeting out of 1000. Doni need to have licence for all the teacher ?
2)what is the best pricing plan for this ? i am assuming 30-40 random teacher out of 1000 will do meeting in a given day.
3) is it possible to brand my company insted of mentioning zoom or without zoom authentication.

Manai, please send an email to, this is an ideal path to take with the ISV team and we can help you there. thanks.

The free plan says “Unlimited one-on-one Meetings”.
That means I can create as many users as I want under my account, then create a meeting for each two of them and let every couple have a meeting in parallel?

Edit @beatles_222, that is correct. Under a free plan, users can have unlimited 1 on 1 meetings. You can create 9,999 users per account, if you have a Pro license and access to User Management.


I see that the “User Management” feature is not listed under the BASIC plan in the plans comparison.
Doesn’t that mean I can’t create users?
what if we have more than 9,999 users in our system? I don’t see the limits of users creation under the different plans. What’s the limit in the Pro plan?



For questions about our plans and pricing, I’ll kindly ask that you email our Support team here, as they’ll be best suited to confirm these details for you.


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Did you ever get a response to this inquiry? If yes, please share

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Let us know if you have a question we can assist with—thanks!

Hi there,
I’m looking at implementing some integrations using the Rest API and/or the SDK functionality provided by Zoom. From what I read here I understand that both Rest API and SDK tools are completely free to use (all API endpoints and SDK functions are available to developers regardless your plan) and any limitations would be around what your plan allows to do (e.g max number of attendees, etc).
Would it be possible to confirm this is correct please?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @john.garcia,

Good question. This is mostly accurate :slight_smile:

While it’s free to develop with our APIs and SDKs, certain endpoints/functionalities will be limited by your account/license type. For example, you can create meetings via API under any user—but those meetings may be limited to 40 minutes if you create the meeting (via API) under a basic/free user.

Similarly, certain endpoints are only available with certain license types—for example our Cloud Recording functionality requires a Pro or higher license. In the same vein, our Cloud Recording API requires that you have a Pro or higher plan. You can see if a given endpoint requires a certain license by checking the Prerequisites section under the endpoint’s documentation:

Let me know if this helps!

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Hi @will.zoom

That was really helpful indeed and clarifies all my questions, thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:


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Awesome, glad I could help. :slight_smile:

We are considering whether Zoom has the flexibility and features we require via the APIs to support our business model.

Our questions:

  1. Is it possible for us to map our member accounts to a Zoom account so that they don’t need to separately login to Zoom? We understand that your licensing is associated with meeting hosts and these would be paying users in our platform… but our members may only be active for a month and not again ever or for months.
  2. Further to the question above, we understand that mapping our member account to a Zoom host account is potentially possible via a SSO mechanism and this would simplify the workflow for our members.
  3. To ensure proper licensing we would want to embed the link to join a Zoom meeting behind a button so that only authorized users, which we manage, can join the Zoom meeting. Is this possible?

For background purposes, we are enabling virtual events and may have 1:1 as well as webinar type use cases. This means that maintaining a coherent workflow is important. Your product is solid but we would want to control what features we share with our members. We see live and recorded as valuable and it appears that these could both be possible in theory with your API.

We are trying to understand (1) feasibility and (2) pricing. There are clearly multiple business models which we have seen from vendors including usage-based and user-based. We wonder if you support a concurrent user plan or active user plan?

Hey @HyperThat,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. You absolutely can use SSO to connect your corporate accounts with your Zoom account authentication.

From there, you can embed the Join URL for a meeting in a button. You can obtain that Join URL with the Create a Meeting API or Get a Meeting API.

There isn’t any pricing outside of your Zoom account pricing but we do have Rate Limits depending on your account type.

If you have further questions, I recommend reaching out to our Sales Team.