Live Webinars streaming from TV Studio's - Decrease in streaming quality

Good day, not sure this is the right category but cant seem to find it anywhere on the FAQ or on the net. We currently run livestreamed webinars through a studio production and seem to have different streaming quality experiences every time we run a live streamed webinar. We have tried multiple different settings but still cant find the right tweak to make the quality perfect. The problems we experience:

  • When studio streaming direction through the camera, the quality is pixelated, especially on the recording although we have high internet speed (1GB dl/up) and 4K and/or HD cameras.
  • Out of experience, we noticed that using the option “share content through 2nd camera” the video quality is much more crisp and even on the recordings. This is our favorite option. However, depending on the day, eventhough we use the same settings, sometimes this options makes our stream lag and audio syncs out of the video.

Can anyone please help and advise what are the best tweaks within zoom settings to get crisp and clear streaming when having a professional TV broadcast studio live streaming through Zoom.

Please advise.