LMS Integration

Hello Team,

We are getting below error during integration.

An application error has occurred. Please try again.

No search results were found based on this error code.
If you have further questions or issues regarding this error, please provide the error details below to your support group.

Error message = com.plateausystems.elms.util.helper.ElmsUncheckedException: com.plateausystems.elms.util.helper.ElmsCreateException: createConnector() failed

Ticket No = 52708
ErrorFingerprint [exceptionRootCauseTag=59e19fb6c86526ee810d632e743f2d7e05f744a5, exceptionStackTraceTag=668cf339d73ca062c9aeed07a69cd819e6f2a0e8]
Timestamp = 2021-05-03T09:41:02.788+0000

Hi @shailendra.agnihotri,

This error appears to be specific to your LMS. Have you reached out to your LMS to see what this error means?

Are you using one of the official Zoom integrations listed on our Marketplace or something else?

Let me know—thanks,

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