Local, per-user/individual volume control in Zoom meetings/webinars/etc

Please prioritize this feature request. This is totally essential to use zoom as virtual office.

Discord has had this feature for a looooooooooong time. So sad that zoom doesn’t have this feature. So many schools are using zoom and they should be using Discord because Discord actually has this feature. Seems like a huge mistake not having this in the app. I either can’t hear most the people in the call or my ears are bleeding from most the people in the call. Some people are so loud and some people are so quiet. This just seems like a no-brainer feature…

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Is this feature out yet? I’m going crazy from one loud guy in a zoom class we’re having.

Bumping this. What could also be cool is if the host had kind of a “meeting level” or “master” mixer, such that they can mix all participants to a level they see fit, and then that’s what everyone hears. That way if people aren’t comfortable getting into that level of audio, they have something that sounds good as soon as they join the meeting. On top of that, if individual people do want to change it (including the host) they could have their own mix that works only for what they hear individually. Food for thought!


Really pathetic a company with a stock soaring as high as it is can’t figure out something so simple. You will not get my money again at renewal time. Sad that the free gamer app has more useful capabilities.