Allow users to turn down/off the volume of another user in meeting

At school, not everyone is in person. Some people are still on Zoom. However, the Zoom students can’t hear anyone in the classroom other than the teacher. So, allowing the user, especially the teacher to turn off the volume for students in the classroom, allowing them to communicate with the Zoom students via their own computers without disturbing the class.
For example, Mr. G has his computer set up in Zoom, but no one can on Zoom can hear me, the student, who’s more than 6ft away from the computer. In order for me to be heard by the Zoom students, I either have to walk to the computer, or use my own computer, but using my computer, my voice will be played on Mr. G’s computer. If Zoom added an option where he could turn down the volume for me specifically, I could talk in the classroom, and Mr. G would hear me while the Zoom students would also be able to hear me. There would be no echo of my voice from Mr. G’s computer.
This would also be helpful if I’m in class, and friend A’s volume is at 100, and friend B’s volume is at 10. I could turn up B’s volume to 50, and turn down A’s volume to 50. That way, the volume is the same. This would only affect the individual user, not everyone in the meeting.

In short, I’m basically asking for this feature that Discord already has in voice chat:

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