Logging in in-meeting does not update the Zoom SDK context, causing config calls to fail

Zoom Apps Configuration
React App, leveraging the Zoom SDK to fetch user context.

If a meeting is started without a logged-in user, and if the log in is then initiated from inside the meeting in the apps tab, the Zoom SDK does not pick up the right roles for the newly authenticated user. The zoomSdk.config call fails with the error below.

Error message: Error: No Permission for this API. [code:80012, reason:require_meeting_role]

Troubleshooting Routes
The user has to leave the meeting and join it again. Some times, even that does not work and the zoom client needs to be restarted.

How To Reproduce
Please see this loom for a walkthrough of how the issue is reproduced.

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Hi, we were not able to reproduce the issue on client v5.12.2. Could you tell us your client version?

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This is the client version: 5.12.2 (11434)

Several people from within the org have had this issue. It was caught in a customer demo of our app so this is revenue impacting for us.

There are times when the issue does not occur, but I’ve been able to reproduce it 80% of the time with steps in the loom.

Do you have further details beyond client version like OS and OS version?

We attempted reproduction using the same client version and logging in via gmail.

Hi, is there any update? I got same problem and error require_meeting_role when I call the getMeetingContext() in a meeting that I don’t host.

When it comes to calling getMeetingContext, you’ll want to be the host or co-host of a meeting. However, you can call getMeetingUUID as any user within the meeting.

As for the issues with the meeting context updating after logging in, are you still seeing this with the latest version of the Zoom client? (5.13.10)

@tayyab Did you find solution for this issue? I am facing same problem. please let me know.

@MaxM Is there any zoom app sdk function like getMeetingContext which provides MeetingID to any user/participant who join the meeting instead of just for Host/Co-host.

@MaxM Is there any update on this topic, I am in a similar situation where participants need to access the meetingID but getMeetingContext and getMeetingJoinUrl are only available for host/co-host.

Even if I get the meetingUUID using getMeetingUUID, it’s not much of help in fetching the meetingID of host’s meeting. Please let me know of any updates. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing this valuable information. One of the blogger on the team is working on reproducing this possible bug. Hope we can find the solution.