Looking for an app to post chat messages to Everyone in a video meeting

Apologies if this is not the correct medium for newbie questions.

I want to post periodic information for all members of an ongoing Zoom video meeting. I am not the host or owner of the meeting, just a participant, but I have the cooperation of the host. I already do this easily via Closed Captions: The host provides me the API token for a 3rd party CC service, and I can then create messages that appear for everyone in CC.

Now I’d like to put those same messages in the chat window for everyone to see. It would seem that the host should be able to install some app that would let me do this, but I can’t find one. Does such a thing already exist? (The “Incoming Webhook” app is the right idea, but that’s for Zoom Chat and can’t send chat messages to an in-progress video meeting, right?)

If there’s no such app I’m prepared to ramp up and build one, but I was hoping that there was an existing solution of some sort for this seemingly trivial task. Any ideas appreciated. Or pointers to especially appropriate documentation for new app creators.

Hey @larry2,

Currently we do not have an API for the In Meeting Chat feature.

Feel free to add this as a feature request here: #feature-requests


The Zoom API reference page has topic after topic about chat: Chat Channels, Chat Messages, IM Chat, Chat Message Events, and so forth. All of these refer, not to In Meeting Chat, but to Zoom Chat? Granted I’m brand-new to the Zoom API, but I think that this fact should be made clear somewhere. Consider my case: I want to know how to use the API to send In Meeting Chat messages, so I find my way to the API reference page, and I see a bunch of stuff about Chat—exactly what I want. Nothing explains that this is not the Chat I’m looking for. (And I presume that “IM” in “IM Chat” doesn’t stand for “In Meeting”.)

Hey @larry2,

Correct, it is for Zoom Chat. :slight_smile:

We will work on making this more clear in our docs!


Hi, Tommy. Thanks for the reply. Hope you don’t mind a followup on a new

On a recent Zoom call, someone wanted to copy text from the Closed
Caption transcript (to paste it into the chat, but that’s irrelevant).
They were unable to do so. They could open the CC full transcript with
“View full transcript” and could see everything there, but couldn’t
select and copy text.

So we had someone else try, and the same thing happened: Unable to copy
text from the CC full transcript. But then I tried and it worked with no
problem: Select with the mouse as usual, splat-C to copy. splat-V to
paste anywhere else.

Is this a known problem? Do those two people have something set wrong?
Again: They saw both the inline CC and the full transcript just fine.
They just couldn’t copy text from the transcript. For me it worked.

Details: One person was the host, on a PC, Zoom 5.2.3. The other was a
co-host using Zoom 5.2.0; her browser was Microsoft Edge so some PC-like
device. I too was a co-host: Zoom 5.2.3, Macbook Pro Mojave. I am using
Clipy, a clipboard history tool, in case it matters.

Any wisdom appreciated.

Hey @larry2,

For additional Zoom API questions, go ahead and create a new topic.

If your question is not related to the Zoom API, please reach out to support.zoom.us. :slight_smile:


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