Looking up who has a webinar license assigned

I have a process where users can check out our single 5K webinar license and my script will assign it to them at the correct time and remove it when their time is up. My concern is if my process loses track of who had the license assigned so that I can remove it.

What is the most efficient (quickest) way to determine who has the license? The only way I can find to do that is to enumerate all users and check each one’s settings one by one. With over 44k users that could take quite a while.

Is there a better way to look up who has the 5K webinar license? Or even to filter by who has ANY webinar license? Which would be a comparatively much smaller number to look through?

Hi @jferguson,

Have you considered subscribing to our User Updated webhook?

This would be triggered each time a license is assigned or removed from a user.

Let me know if this might help,

I have not. It seems there’s a lot of infrastructure that needs to be put in place to expose that. Is there no other way to look that up using the regular API?

Hi @jferguson,

You can also query this endpoint directly:

The feature object contains a webinar field which will state whether or not a webinar license is applied to the user.


Yeah. That’s the method I’m trying to get around using. It requires first enumerating every user in the account (~44k) and checking each user. This process takes several hours and is certainly a last resort backup if I absolutely need to find it but with my scheduled process the person’s webinar, who needs it, will be long over.

It’s looking like that’s the best that can be done. I’ll just have to devise a fool proof way of storing who has the license in some external source so I don’t risk losing track of it. If someone manually sets it to someone I’ll just have to resort to the long method. I’m just really surprise that if you try to set the license while someone else has it it takes a millisecond to tell me it’s not available and the only recourse is to script an hours long process to find it. It could simply display who has it along with the error that it’s not available.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll make something work.

Hi @jferguson,

Thanks for the reply and the feedback—I can definitely appreciate that there’s room for improving the way in which this information can be queried.

While these endpoints will be your best bet for now, do let us know if you run into any other questions.


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