Low base frequency CPU behaviour


I would like to verify with you how zoom SDK (1.8.1 or later version) handle low base frequency CPU. Does it enable Max turbo frequency, when and how if so ?

Example : https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/196589/intel-core-i5-1030ng7-processor-6m-cache-up-to-3-50-ghz.html

We can see that in this example base CPU is 1.1Ghz and Max turbo frequency is 3.5Ghz.

Hey @ljacquel,

Happy to provide this information to you, but I want to first understand your use case around this question?


Hi @tommy,

Thank you for your reply.

We have some users who have low base frequency CPU with high max turbo frequency and have reported audio and video quality issue. Also we were able to see that the bitrate was fluctuating a lot for these users.

We have checked your system requierments here :

And we saw that all the CPU listed have a quite high base frequency compared to the “Intel® Core™ i5-1030NG7 Processor” (1.1Ghz base frequency, 3.50 GHz Max turbo frequency).

So we would like to now how Zoom web SDK behave and if you have tested it with a such processor (low base frequency) ?

Hey @ljacquel,

That link you share is for System requirements for Zoom Rooms.

I will get back to you on CPU requirements for the Web SDK and will also see if we can add them to our docs. (CS-2509) :slight_smile:


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Is there any update on this inquiry?


Hey @lfrancia,

Unfortunately, I don’t have any new information in regard to this issue just yet. We’ll be sure to keep you updated here as we learn more.