LTI Pro for Blackboard - Reports Section or Previous Meeting for NoFixedTime meetings

Hi, we started to used LTI Pro for Blackboard on April 2021, it’s an excellent integration, but in our environment we recommended teachers to create one NofixedTime meeting for be easy for them with only one Session/Room in the integration that will work always and for any time they want. But when teachers want to see the participant reports in “Previous Meeting” those meetings with the NoFixedTime that has been ocurrs do NOT appear so the report link neither. We receive many tickets to our support team asking for this, and Yes we have to redirect to portal for search in Reports area, but the idea for LTI PRO is to they find all they need for their class in the integration and I want to make this request to LTI Pro for Blackboard: In the “Previous meeting” appears the NoFixedTime meetings or enabled a Reports section in LTI Pro for Blackboard.