LTI Pro: Manually adding alternative host to recurring meeting removes all but last occurrence

In the LTI Pro (Blackboard in this case), if you edit a recurring meeting, manually type in a new alternative host, then save, it removes all occurrences except the last occurrence. Subsequently editing the meeting in LTI Pro shows the proper start date and the proper number of occurrences, but re-saving does not restore the missing meetings. The only way to restore is to edit the meeting in the main Zoom web site to the proper start date, then save.

All occurrences except the last one are removed when manually adding an alternative host to a single meeting in LTI Pro.

Which App?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a recurring meeting using the API.
  2. Import that meeting ID into LTI Pro.
  3. Select the topic from the list of upcoming meetings.
  4. Select Edit this meeting.
  5. Expand Advanced options.
  6. Add a new e-mail address to the Alternative hosts.
  7. Select Save. All but the last occurrence are now missing.

Additional context
This is causing issues for our ~1,500 weekly meetings through LTI Pro, so a quick fix would be appreciated.

Hey @AVJeff ,

Thanks for reporting this issue. We are taking a look now. (ZOOM-236662)

I will report back with updates and the fix.