macOS meeting sdk sample not authorising

I am trying to get the meeting sdk sample app running on macOS.
Steps I followed:

  • Downloaded zoom sdk zip file for macOS from git repo -
  • Placed the ZoomSDK folder in the same directory as the ZoomSDKSample.xcodeproj file.
  • Launched the ZoomSDKSample.xcodeproj file in Xcode
  • Built app successfully and emulator is running.

I entered the domain as and clicked on Set domain button.
Then I created the auth token like below and pressed on the Auth button.

import time
import datetime
import jwt
iat = int(time.time())
exp = ( + datetime.timedelta(days=2)).strftime("%s")
tokenExp = ( + datetime.timedelta(hours=1)).strftime("%s")

payload = {
    'appKey': "",
    'iat': iat,
    'exp': exp,
    'tokenExp': tokenExp
encoded = jwt.encode(payload, "", algorithm='HS256')

No error is displayed on emulator app…and nothing changes on emulator screen.

I tried debugging the code also but I guess I’m not getting auth response from zoom auth service.
I’m not much familiar with Objective C but the callback onZoomSDKAuthReturn is not getting called.

Not able to find out what I’m missing.

Which macOS Meeting SDK version?

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1)
  • OS: [macOS Ventura 13.2 ]


Thank you for tagging me! Please see this troubleshooting Meeting SDK signature validation support guide for guidance on troubleshooting the behavior you are seeing :

Let us know if this helps!

hi @donte.zoom → tried that as well before. Does not work.

Thank you for the response, @nevaty! There may be something off with how the time is being set. As a test, can you use Zoom Meeting SDK Auth Endpoint sample to generate the signature and manually enter the value? This will help isolate what may be happening. I’ve linked the Zoom Meeting SDK Auth Endpoint sample below for reference :

Hey @donte.zoom → no luck.

+1 To this thread. I’m running into the exact same issue with no apparent path forward.

Hi, @hunter1 and @nevaty ,

Sorry for the trouble getting started with macOS Meeting SDK. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of getting started with macOS Meeting SDK v5.14.6.17875. To help rule out SDK JWT authentication, I manually generated a JWT token.

Here are the steps I used :

  1. Download SDK

  2. Open ZoomSDKSample.xcodeproj in the appropriate ZoomSDKSample folder.

  3. Selecct ZoomSDKSample for (universal) and update macOS Deployment Target 11.0

  4. Build the sample ZoomSDKSample for (universal)

  5. Manually enter the domain:

  6. Use epochconverter to get an epoch timestamp. Enter values for iat, exp, and tokenExp.

  "appKey": "YOUR_SDK_KEY,
  "role": "1",
  "iat": 1683930881,
  "exp": 1684017271,
  "tokenExp": 1684017271
  1. Generate an SDK JWT, and enter the value in the field.

  2. In your Zoom client, start a meeting in your join client and in the toolbar, select Meeting, Invite to see the meeting ID and passcode. View this information when you select the green “Meeting information” shield in the top-left corner of the Meeting window.

  3. In the ZoomSDKSample window, choose the Join Only tab and enter the Meeting ID, a User Name, and the Meeting Password for the meeting you started and select Join

Video Walkthrough

Additional Notes:

  • The “Join Only” is joining a meeting anonymously, so you have to have an existing meeting, it does not start a meeting.

  • Be sure to remove space in between characters

  • The current version only includes the library for universal, so you will need to build the universal project

  • Starting from 5.14.0, we no longer require the ZoomSDK folder to move into the ZoomSDKSample folder

  • The following is just a warning, and not actual error: dynamic_cast error 1: Both of the following type_info’s should have public visibility. At least one of them is hidden. N3Cmm9CmmMQ_MsgE, N3Cmm14CmmInternelMsgE.

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Thanks Donte!

I’ll give these steps a try at some point. I was able to make headway with the Windows SDK so just went that direction.

Thanks @donte.zoom. This works.

Follow up question:
Can the sdk now get transcripts for the meeting regardless of which kind of meeting it joins ?
Or will I need to be on the business/enterprise plan ?

Hi, @nevaty,

Glad to hear those instructions were helpful. Yes, it is possible to get the Meeting transaction regardless of the meeting. To do so, you can subscribe to the recording complete webhook, which will returns the meeting transcriptions. Here is our support documentation on getting started with Webhooks along with the recording.complete Webhook Event reference.

Using webhooks


Automatic Download of Cloud Recordings with Webhook Events Sample Webhook App

Let us know if this helps.

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