Macos SDK,alert issue

hi zoom:
in MacOS SDK,when a host leave meeting,it will show the alertview.
but the title of rightmost button is “End Meeting for All”, not “End Meeting”?
is it a bug ?

Hi wangyx,
Thanks for the post. This is by design.

  • If a participant leaves a meeting -> “End Meeting”
  • If a host leaves a meeting -> “End Meeting for All”

Imagine you are giving a presentation in a conference, then you are the presenter(host), everyone else is your audience(participant), and they are coming for the topic that you are presenting. When you need to leave the conference, it means the presentation ends. Otherwise you need to assign someone else to continue the presentation(assign co-host).

Thus the alert message clearly states: "如果您不想终端会议,请在离开前指定一个主持人“.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

thanks for you replay