Managing Pending User Accounts

Hello, is it possible to use the API to delete a pending user, or to resend their invite?

When I GET v2/users & filter for “status” = “pending,” the user details do not include the Zoom UserId. As I understand, this is per spec, however, UserId is required to invoke the DELETE /users/{userId}.

Of course, I can achieve this through the Admin GUI, but I suspect the query filtering to “pending” is bypassing the userID?

Reason I ask is that if I query an individual pending user by email WITHOUT the status query param, I DO get the UserID in the output…

Context: I have one particular pending invite who’s userID is unavailable to me via API at all - whether I include the email in a GET v2/users request that filters on query params for “status” = “pending,” or not. Any idea why? If I could access their Zoom UserId, then I could act upon that, but they appear to not have one. Unlike other pending Users I can get the UserId from via their email handle, I can’t find this one’s :frowning:

That anomaly aside (and also a click of a button via Admin GUI) is there any way to resend the invite to a pending user via API? I can’t find an endpoint for this specifically


Pertinent resources:

Hi @mixelpix ,

Did you try passing their email through the DELETE user API endpoint? userID and email are generally interchangeable with the Open API.

If it works, then create them again to send an invite.

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