Mandatory update by 16th October for meeting BoT

We were told that our meeting BoT will not be able to record Zoom meetings after 16th October if the mandatory update regarding Zoom meeting SDKs is not done before that (which involves publishing an app for zoom SDKs). Refer to the links received in the email from Zoom

Given our app is still in review, I want to make sure that our BoT is able to record meetings even after 16th October in it’s current state. Product client id for the app is - b4w1iKzySCKyN2jiaJKLZQ

Is the 16th October deadline a hard stop or it could be postponed?

Because otherwise my whole startup will be badly impacted and there will be no future for us. So if this deadline is pushed to a later date, my business continuity will not be impacted

Hey @sanchit, it looks like you are working with us ( for your meeting bots - have just reached out in our shared Slack channel on these questions!

Adding @michael.zoom for visibility as well.

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