Manual approval doesn´t work

Really…I don´t understand what happen with Zoom…they never give and answer problems.
I can´t approve or deny no one of the attendees that have not completed the registration process.
Before in the registration report I could see the state of each attendee like “approved” or “pending” but now, the attendees who are pending are listed as “null”.

Can someone please give me an idea to solve this?..

Hey @mcariboni,

Happy to look into this for you. What is the meetingUUID for this meeting?


Hi @tommy , thank you for your response!

So … sorry but I don’t know where I can get the UUID. (I’ve looked it up on the forum but couldn’t find information where I can get it) Maybe the meeting ID can help, I can also leave the event registration link.

815 6595 9040

I have been doing some testing and have found that when an attendee signs up for the event and does not complete the payment, it becomes pending for a few hours, and then they go into the “null” state. And with null status I cannot approve or deny anyone from the zoom platform.

Do you have any idea how can I solve this??

Thank you for your time and attention!!

Investigating in the documentation I have discovered that it should have a tab called pending approval but I do not have it, does anyone know how to solve this? I need to manage the assistants.

Some wondered how I approved people before, well, I registered myself as an assistant without completing the payment, so when I searched among the records it appeared as pending, then I deleted my name from the search bar and pressed enter, that way all the people who were pending approval appeared, but that no longer works.

Hey @mcariboni,

Our engineering team is looking into this issue. I will keep you updated on what they find. (ZOOM-184469)