Manual Domain validation request


I am using Nextjs with vercel deployment for my main domain. I created the necessary domain validation url using api + zoomverify/verifyzoom.html inside public folder

It is also accessible at this point.

I would like a manual domain validation so I can submit my app for verification.

here’s the link:


Hi @rish1_2 ,

Please submit a support ticket with your app name and production client id and ask for manual domain validation. They will be able to help you!

I already submitted the support ticket. The landing page sent me here
to submit the issue after I did.


Hi @rish1_2 ,

Can you please share a screenshot? Is there an option to request manual validation within the marketplace admin portal for your app?

I couldn’t upload so here’s a link: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
It’s just the above image. Nothing else.

It goes to support ticket. The support ticket then sends a message or a landing page (I can’t remember) and sent me here.

Please check screen shot that sent me here.

I have not received any response as of yet from you guys

What are my next steps?

My posts are being marked as spam.

Please help.

I 'm stuck on this process.

Hi @rish1_2 ,

I just spoke to support and this message was triggered because you may not have been logged into the developer account when it was sent. Can you please resubmit your ticket while logged in? To bypass in the interim, flag the reason for submission as “bug”. Thanks!

I have the same problem. I was logged in, and raised a ticket, but they keep getting automatically closed. How can I get our app/domain manually verified?


something that worked for me was using “https://www” inside

Thanks @rish1_2. That’s a good tip. Unfortunately our Urls don’t start with www. So I still don’t have a way forward. I’d already put https://

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