Error response in Webinar Registrants API

I got an following error while I am executing webinar registration API.

API URL:{webinarId}/registrants

Client error: POST resulted in a 404 Not Found response:
{“code”:1001,“message”:“The email address has not been used as a Zoom account”}

I wonder more about this, but never got why I got this response.

Hi @mukund.topiwala ,

Since troubleshooting this issue would require requesting private credentials from us, can you please send a support ticket at ?


Are registrants required to have an existing Zoom account?

I actually noticed this when reviewing the webinar api documentation and came to the forum to see if other developers ran into this issue - - this implies the user must already have a zoom account to join a webinar - - or does the registration process create a Zoom account?

If registration is required for the Webinar, yes, they will need to have a Zoom account.