Marketplace Apps and Master/Sub Accounts

For master and sub-account types, can I choose to install a marketplace app on only the master account, or only a sub-account?

If the OAuth app is installed on both a master and sub-account, will they each get their own set of OAuth tokens, or is installing it on the Master account equivalent to installing it on the sub-account as well?

Basically I want a way to create sub-account(s) such that I can have a unique set of users in each one, each sub-account has its own install of my app, and the app auth token set can only get webhooks and access the recordings of the individual sub-account and not the other. Is this possible?

Hey @zoom-test,

This is possible via a User Level OAuth app.

Note the download_token in the Recording Completed Webhook.


So Account Level OAuth Apps would not support this? The Account-Level App gets installed on the Master account as well as the sub-accounts in one go?

Hey @zoom-test,

Account Level OAuth apps are installed once per Zoom account, for all users (or select users depending on permissions) on that Zoom account to use.

Does that make sense? I can share examples from apps on our Marketplace if that would help! :slight_smile:


Yes I understand that it is installed for all users of that account. What I am asking though if there is a difference for Master Accounts and Sub-Accounts.

If I have a Master account with two sub-accounts (not user’s but sub-accounts) then is this allowed?

Can I only install an app for the Master Account, and it not be installed as well on the Sub-Account. Aka, I will only receive webhooks for recordings done by users who are part of the Master Account.

Can I install the app on one sub-account but not the other, and only receive webhooks for that sub-account (A) , not the other sub-account (B). And the oauth token I receive only gives me access to the API for users/recordings/etc. on sub-account (A).

I’m referencing this post about Accounts:

Hey @zoom-test,

I believe when it comes to Master and Sub Accounts, an Account Level App is installed at the Sub Account level, which includes the Sub Accounts Users.

So If Sub Account A installs an Account Level App, Sub Account B does not have access to it, and you won’t receive Sub Account B webhooks.


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Thanks for the response. I think that clears it up then and is how I expect it to work.

What do I need to do to get our test account enabled as a Master Account so that we can test this out with our app? We have some customers we would like to recommend this approach to but would like to be able to test it first. I tried creating a sub-account with a token that was supposed to have the right permissions but it just said Invalid Token. I’m am guessing it takes a certain option to be set on your account.


Hey @zoom-test, happy to help! :slight_smile:

To use the Master APIs, you need to be a Zoom Partner.

“Only master accounts can create and have sub accounts. Zoom only assigns this privilege to trusted partners.”

Please reach out to to request test access.