How to install Oauth App

What i need is that after user installed my Oauth app, i can retrieve/maintain the meetings under user’s zoom account. So, I create an Oauth App under my normal sub-account of zoom. After that, i tried to install it with another zoom admin account. But, i got below error:

This app cannot be installed outside of the developer’s account. Please contact the application developer to get support with installing this application.

What does it mean? In fact, I am confused by the usage of the Oauth app actually. To retrieve / maintain the meetings of other zoom account, Where should the Oauth app be created? under that zoom account or my own zoom account?

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As shown above, i added event listener in the oauth app, There is a Verification Token in the above screenshot. May i know how to use it. I can not see any value from the event notification. Eg: recording start/stop/completed. etc. Pls help advise it. Thanks so much!

Hey @henry1,

For OAuth apps to shared outside of your Zoom account, you will need to publish it to the Zoom App Marketplace. Once published, Zoom users will be able to install it, authorizing you to make API requests on their behalf.

As for your verification token question, it is included in the header of each request sent to your endpoint url.


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