Maximise The number of Participants in One window

Hi, I work with a Company that have a Virtual Network Platform and we are seriously thinking of adding a zoom source to our software, we deal with control room video wall/digital signage… etc

We have customers that have zoom accounts and the meeting they have consist of Avg. 300 participant, as you well know that the zoom window only allow 49 Participant only and we would like to get all 300 Participant in one window without the need to go to the other windows so we can see all participants a once.

I did some testing on 70 Participant meeting and to solve this issue with having 3 zoom sessions in my system to try and get all participants on the video wall, but i face some duplication, so if i can not have all my participants at once in one window can i select which will go on what window or assign the participants alphabetically in gallery mode so when i assign the window to each session i will not get any duplication of users?

The perfect scenario for me is to have all Participants in one window, but i know that can have some limitation on your side, but is there an API call i can have to make this happen?

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HI Guys any ideas on the posted please i need this info Urgently