maximumVideosInGalleryView is lost after joining or leaving a breakout room (component view)

This is a similar bug to maximumVideosInGalleryView not working when join as guest/role=0 (thanks @gianni.zoom for the response there, I can’t answer there unfortunately because that thread is locked, but this issue is very similar and probably has the same root cause).

In this instance, the issue occurs when joining or leaving a breakout room. I’m attaching a loom video with a reproduction of the bug Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Initialize Zoom component view SDK with maximumVideosInGalleryView = 25
  2. Join as a host/co-host (basically avoid getting a waiting room screen, otherwise you’ll get the bug mentioned in the other issue)
  3. Create and join a breakout room
  4. See that the maximum participants in gallery view has reset back to 9 from 25.
  5. Leave the breakout room and see that even in the main session, the setting is now at 9. The original config has been lost.


Additional context
My feeling from my testing, is that this and maximumVideosInGalleryView not working when join as guest/role=0 are basically the same issue. The bug is essentially that maximumVideosInGalleryView is not saved and is lost whenever the user moves to a different zoom room for any reason (1. waiting room → session, 2. session → breakout room, 3. breakout room → session, all of these cases reproduce this bug).

Thank you for sharing this @dnna , we’ll do some testing and create a bug report. Will share the ticket here shortly.

Hi @dnna ,

Awaiting further investigation (ZSEE-107308)!

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Able to reproduce, escalation in progress. Additionally when using maximumVideosInGalleryView with client view, it says “Invalid init param”.

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Escalated further (ZOOM-605817).

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