maximumVideosInGalleryView not working when join as guest/role=0

maximumVideosInGalleryView feature does not work when joining as a guest in the room (or joining with the role: 0)
Can you please check and give me the solution?
Thank you in advance.

+1, facing the same issue here. I noticed that if the user has already been admitted and they refresh the page (thus they skip the waiting room), the setting works fine. But if they do get the waiting room, it somehow resets to 9.

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Hi @dnna @tuanthinhit ,

Can you please record short videos for me to further investigate and submit for a big report as needed?

Highlight steps to reproduce, MSDK version and type, browser version and name.


Following up @dnna @tuanthinhit on this request, please check your messages.

Hi @gianni.zoom , please find a video reproducing this bug below:

Sorry @gianni.zoom , just realized this was a video reproducing maximumVideosInGalleryView is lost after joining or leaving a breakout room (component view) instead.

I’m posting a different video below reproducing the waiting room issue referred to in this thread:

The MSDK version is 2.16.0, browser in the video is Brave (Chromium-based version 117.0). To be clear this issue occurs in Chrome (version 117.0) as well, in the exact same way as the video.

Just seeing these responses, thank you for sharing @dnna !

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Hi @dnna @tuanthinhit ,

Awaiting further investigation (ZSEE-107309).

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This has been escalated further (ZOOM-605817).

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Resolution is awaiting merge request and will be deployed in a subsequent fix. Please refer to for update release!

Thanks again @dnna

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