Using Get Meetings Call, Type Parameter Not Working

I’m using the Get Meeting call and testing the scheduled, live, and upcoming parameters. In all cases I’m getting Previous meetings as well as Upcoming meetings. The query parameter seems to have no effect.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Hey @HenryW,

Can you share the full request URL you are using, as well as the JSON data that is being returned?

From there we can check to see if there is a bug. :slight_smile:


If I could focus on the default case – type should be ‘live’ as a default, correct? If I fire the request without a type specified, it appears to return scheduled.




Both return 1 record (a meeting scheduled several days ago).


Returns 0 records.

Shouldn’t the default return 0 meetings if there are no live or upcoming meetings?

Hi tommy,
How many users can add into a single zoom account by oauth ?

Hi @HenryW,

Can you share the corresponding JSON response with Meeting ID you’re seeing so that we can help take a closer look? The default parameter of live on this endpoint will return only ongoing meetings that have been started. Keep in mind that it’s not considered a live meeting until it’s started. The host would need to join the meeting, or two non-host participants would join with “Join before host” enabled.


Hey @gayathri.selvaraj,

You can add up to 9,999 users to an account.


Thanks Will. You can close this issue. I’m still not sure why the default wasn’t returning what I expected, but I’ve gotten the type query parameter to work as documented, so all’s good.

Thanks @will.zoom, I think these users are basic users but we can add paying users also. How many paying users we can add in a account ? like If I have Pro or business or enterprise plan

Hi @gayathri.selvaraj,

This will depend on your type of plan. Please reach out to our Support Team for pricing questions.

In the meantime, you can see the number of available licenses you can have for each plan here:


Got it—glad all is well now @HenryW ! :slight_smile:


thanks @will.zoom, I need one more help.
users are login our app, that user want to create meeting, before we verify that user is already exist user in zoom app or new user for zoom app ?
because if user is new user then we want create new user in zoom, then user set password and then create meeting for them. So How to do that verification ?

Hey @gayathri.selvaraj,

Good question, as this is a different topic from the initial question, please submit a new post for this question. This will make sure that we stay on topic and are able to address your question accurately. :smiley:


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