Meeting does not start

Hello, after upgrading Zoom application (Version: 5.13.4 (14461)) to the newest one, there is no possibility to start meeting from url generated by Zoom API (oauth, url from /v2/users/id/meetings). Zoom client is launching, but meeting does not start. I’ve tested it on a few platforms (osx, windows). After zoom application downgrade everything works.

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Hi @patryk.chmielewski

I just tested this on my end and was not able to reproduce this behaviour, could you provide the steps you’re taking when creating the meeting? Is this only happening for Oauth apps?

Let us know!

Thank you for the reply. Here’s link for test meeting (from API):

After opening it in browser I’m redirected to zoom page and zoom client is launching, but meeting is not starting. What’s strange that when I click on mentioned zoom page “Launch meeting” and then “Join from your browser” meeting starts properly.

Hi, I have the same issue.

We have more than 30 users and all of them reporting same issue.

Zoom API Start URL not working: Version: 5.13.4, 5.13.3, 5.13.0.

Zoom API Start URL working: Version: 5.12.9 and below.

We are using the API to create meeting and receive the JSON object containing the start_url.

How To Reproduce (If applicable)

  1. Create meeting thru API

  2. Open the start_url

  3. Popup appear with “Open Zoom Meetings”

  4. Nothing happened. Usually Zoom software open and start the meeting.