Start_url from the api does not start the meeting automatically

Hi everyone

it seems the start_url isn’t working as we have to sign in to zoom before the zoom app will launch.

We are getting the meeting data via the Api for our client’s website and populating a list of meetings with info and the start_url is the link to start the session.

Unless they are already signed in to zoom, clicking the start_url just takes them to zoom and asks them to sign in.

According to Zoom tech support, each start_url has a zak token which has a two-hour expiry on it. Once that 2 hours have elapsed, the user must log in. However, if they click a start_url that was generated less than 2 hours previously it should automatically sign them in and launch the zoom app.

So I have set myself a meeting, called it and populated the clients website via the API and then signed out of zoom and click the start_url of the meeting and it still asks me to log in, even though I have a start_url with a zak token that is less than two hours old?

Is anyone else having this problem?

Hey @rich,

I can’t reproduce the issue, the start_url is working for me without having to sign in.

Can you confirm you are including the whole zak token in the url on your clients website?