Meeting End Event not firing

Marketplace app subscribed to the meeting end event shown below, but it is not firing. The logs don’t list this event.

NOTE: Previously, we had been running webinars, and we switched to meetings. When I edited the existing app > Feature > Event subscriptions > Edit the event I could see that the End Meeting event had already been selected as the subscribed event. I’m not sure if this reconfiguration was automatic, as I did not do this.

Hi @bimeetings ,

Please send a support ticket with this issue. Thank you so much.


Hi Gianni
Thanks for your help. I did in fact have a ticket for this issue in support (id 13331709) but could not get the problem answered, and was told to post in the developer forum. I’m not sure what I should do - reopen the ticket?

Here is the support ticket:

Do I need to provide more information for this? Support has closed the ticket again, and I am not seeing any feedback here.

Webhook still is not working, meetings end, there is no log of the end event.

Hi @bimeetings,

I am sorry to hear this! Please re-open the ticket, include this forum and ask to be escalated so it can be looked at by our service engineering team.

Thank you!

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