Meeting Events missing for a specific user from one of our customer zoom account

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One of our customer’s zoom account was authorized for our zoom app (App Marketplace) to receive meeting events but we were not getting any events for that one particular user alone. Suspicious because it happened for only this user, We had to revoke his authorization and reauthorize our app and we started receiving events again, could you please take a look at why this was happening on your side. We heavily depend on these events and if we this happens in future, we get slapped with a P0-ticket and hence we are trying to avoid this situation in future, asap.

I don’t want to share the user’s email address publicly here, please email/DM me for that info.

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N/A the events are completely missing, we are not receiving them at all.

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Unable to reproduce, but we need the RCA, so we don’t end up in this situation in future.

Hi @anandrathna ,

can you dm me the meeting ids please? Happy to take a look